Victory Over Despair In A Krazy World ~ the ultimate kind

Don't jump off the end of a pier. Sit down on it and pray.
Don’t jump off the end of a pier. Sit down on it and pray.


The Lord spoke to my heart reminding me there are many people who read this blog who feel beset on all sides. They have health issues, or they’re home or car is about to be taken away from them by the bank, they’ve just lost their job, their children are flunking in school, and the like. Most of those who read this blog are Christians, but not all. And when the Lord gave me this inner witness, He wasn’t only talking about believers. Many are hurting right now.

Now is the time for each of us to understand on a deep level that God wants the best for all people. That He loves all people.

Now is the time to understand God has the answer for each of us. It’s time to stop looking to the media for answers, even our favorite media outlets. The media lies, twists the truth, or at the very least presents a mostly negative view of life because they think that garners viewers. So, you have to not take that as your reality, knowing at the very least that picture of life is skewed. Lift your eyes to a higher place. Know the situation is better than what you’re getting from the secular world’s point of view. Know, no matter how horrible it is, you can go through and come out.

Isaiah 61:3a [NASB] ~ To grant those who mourn in Zion (put here wherever you live) , Giving them a garland instead of ashes, The oil of gladness instead of mourning, The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting.

The NIV translations says, “a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”

God has given you praise as a weapon to defeat despair. So, first and foremost give praise to the Giver. Make sure you’re speaking well of God. Watch your words. They have power and they shape your life. Speak well of your life situation, your talents, your home life, your family, your job. Even if you don’t much like your employer, as long as you accept a paycheck, do not denigrate the company with your words. Pray for your life situation, expecting it to get better, for your talents, home life, your family, your job. Go to God in prayer with complaints, not to your best friend, neighbor, or to those at the water cooler.

Now, in the spirit of transparency, I have to tell you that I’m a great complainer. Boy can I murmur up a storm. So, I know God is giving me this “Word” for me first and foremost, but also for those who read this blog who are burdened about to the breaking point. I’ve gotten better about complaining and when I do catch myself complaining, I pray for those I’ve been murmuring about. I know this has helped me get through and is still helping me get through some difficult situations.

I know I’ve grown spiritually in this regard because I used to murmur about situations that weren’t even that important or threatening…just not to my liking. I don’t do that any more. I’ve improved. At least if I’m going to whine and complain now, it’s going to be about something significant. That’s just a stab at humor. My goal is to quit complaining and to be proactive in prayer and outlook, to develop some spiritual muscles.

10 thoughts on “Victory Over Despair In A Krazy World ~ the ultimate kind

    1. PT, I used to be a champion at murmuring. I really had to listen to myself. LOL I also heard a few really good sermons on it and how the whining and complaining was blocking me from receiving God’s best.


  1. llwroberts

    This was so timely for me for a bunch of reasons. I told my daughter just today, my older daughter, “no more complaining or whining.” God conviceted me of that last week after I had a meltdown. I realized after praying it was because all of us in my family, including me, weren’t giving thanks. I am trying to break those patterns that somehow seeped into my life unawares — no complaining. We never heard Jesus complain about his life. I try to remember to ask myself ,”What would Jesus do? or “What would he say?”


    1. Lorilyn, I’m so glad this impacted you in a good way.. As you know the Lord has been dealing with me about expanding this blog to include meaningful topics that actually might be what attracts some people to murder mysteries and detective stories. What readers find most attractive (as in pulls them in) is the flaws of the main character(s) as he/she/they try to right a grievous wrong. The characters in mysteries struggle with an obviously fallen world. The Lord has been nudging me to more directly write blog articles about those issues, not in a fictional way.


      1. Tammy, As you know, I get into politics a lot. And the more I get into it, the more I realize even the more accurate news stations have a money making agenda. They will put mostly negative stuff out there. That’s to jolt us. If we’re jolted we stay turned. If we stay turned we watch the commercials. If we watch the commercials they make money. It’s not that the news isn’t correct, in many cases, but we never see the good news and there is good news. There are hundreds of thousands of kids on honor roll in the US, but you’d never know it from the news. There are families lovingly taking care of elderly parents, but you’d think most abandon the elderly by the news. Taking in what the world offers puts us in a very dark mind set. I have to watch that and I have to watch my own propensity to whine.


  2. Good article, Nike! I’ve been working at taking it to God, too. And tuning out the “real” world as much as possible (because all that supposed reality is so fake). Keep on smiling and praying & know we who love you are praying for you as well!


    1. Tammy, I think we all need to “take it to God.” The real world is manipulated by powerful people. We have to look to the Bible to know what’s really real.


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